Attending a Virtual Career Transition Seminar

Attending a virtual seminar has been made easy. It offers all the benefits of a face-to-face transition seminar but is accessible from any location 24/7 using any smart device or computer. By registering you will gain access to the website and all the content following the live event.

Finding Your Way Around

Main Lobby

Once logged in you will find yourself inside the Virtual Lobby, where you will have access to the Auditorium, Exhibition Hall and the Info Desk.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall is where the stallholders will have their booths set up. You will be able to chat 1 on 1 with your stallholder through the live chat function and access all their key resources. During non-live days you will still be able to access everything that the booths have to offer including information and links, videos and presentations, stored documentation and contact information.


The Auditorium is where the presenters will be hosting their sessions. Please see agenda below. If you are unable to attend, you can view the presentations at any time after the live day event. During the live day presenters will also be hosting a live chat in their respective sessions, where there is opportunity for questions and answers.

Virtual Showbag

As you make your way around the Exhibition Hall, you will be able to collect information and media from stallholder booths and place this in your Virtual Showbag. When you are finished for the day, you can simply download and email the contents to yourself.


On Demand


Welcome Message

Commissioner, Michael Fuller APM, NSW Police Force


Medical Retirement Process

Learn about the steps involved in the process from NSW Police, EML & TAL and what support can be provided to you and your family throughout the journey.


Mentally Preparing for Transition

Former Detective, Craig Semple shares his experience and recommended tools to mentally prepare for medical retirement.


Recognising Service and Support

Assistant Commissioner, Human Resources, Gavin Wood, interviewing Superintendent, Scott Tanner and Former Senior Constable, Helen McMurtrie. Being medically retired can be challenging; but shooting survivor Helen McMurtrie says no one needs to go through it alone.




Family Support

Alastair Evans, NSW Police Family Support Coordinator Officer interviews a partner of a former officer, sharing the importance of family and what support services are available.


Career Transition

Jane Jackson, author of Navigating Crossroads, provides you with the tools to unlock your potential for growth and new possibilities.


Understanding Your Financial Benefits

This session has been developed for you and your families to gain a better understanding of your financial benefits and entitlements under the workers compensation and income protection schemes.


Thank you and close

Inspector Allyson Fenwick, Manager Deployment & Transition, Workforce Safety Command, NSW Police Force


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Frequently Asked Questions

This session has been developed for police officers who joined NSWPF after 1 July 1988 and who have sustained a compensable injury. It can also be attended by those family members who closely support these officers. We strongly encourage and recommend that a family member or support person also attend due to the sometimes complex nature of financial information.
We have designed this seminar as we understand it can be daunting and confusing to visualise life after police. If you are unable to return to work with the NSW Police Force due to medical reasons, this seminar will help you gain a better understanding of all the information and support available. Recognising your service with NSW Police Force we want to continue to support you through your career transition.
You will be able to access the seminar on 16 July 2021. This is the scheduled live day. The question and answer feature is only available on the live day but the content will remain available for you and your family to access after the event.
Simply click the ‘Register Now’ button at the top of this page and submit a registration form, ensuring you select from the drop down menu if you are either:
a) I am not yet in the transition process but unable to continue work with NSW Police Force
b) I am in the transition process awaiting medical retirement.
c) I am already medically retired
d) I am supporting a person through transition as a Family member or Friend
e) I am supporting a person through transition as a workplace Manager or Leader
f) I am a service provider or advisor
No, the virtual seminar is free of charge.
Personal information collected at registration will only be used as login credentials to allow access to the virtual seminar. Any data provided by participants after linking outside of the virtual seminar, is subject to the pre-existing and approved terms of use and privacy principles currently in effect on those platforms. You have the right to request deletion of your account and associated data at any time. To do this just email your request to
At the virtual seminar, you will be able to chat 1-on-1 with stallholder representatives by clicking on a ‘Chat now’ button. This feature is only available on the live day. You will be assigned a chat partner from the respective organisation who can answer your questions. The information provided on this platform will be generic. If you require personalised information you will be provided with contact details to have 1-on-1 conversations outside the virtual seminar platform.
Yes, if you have questions you are encouraged to ask them during the session by typing your question into the Q&A text box and hitting send. This feature is only available on the live day. If you require the answer to personalised questions you will be provided with contact details to have 1-on-1 conversations outside the virtual seminar platform.
At each stall you can see general information about the stallholder, watch videos and download resources. Personal information or circumstances should not be discussed within the virtual seminar platform. If you require personalised information you will be provided with contact details to have 1-on-1 conversations outside the virtual seminar platform.
Police Transition infoline 1800 014 140 is available during business hours where a transition officer can link you with support or resources. Alternatively email your request to If you need technical support for the event, it will be provided on the day through our infodesk via a live chat function.
You can access the virtual seminar via computer, tablet or smartphone. The session has been purposely designed for employees not currently in the workplace to be able to access information and support. Employees attending the virtual seminar at police locations will have optimum user experience if a personal device is used external to the police networks. Using the google chrome browser will also enhance the experience.
If you forget your password, click the ‘login button at the top of this page and click ‘forgot password’.

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